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Textown Group is a 100% export oriented vertically integrated Knit Garments Manufacturing Industry. Textown started its journey through minuscule operation, continuously expanded production facilities and earned greater volumes of orders from the customers. Today, Textown is proud to have in its clientele list some of the renowned fashion & clothing brands of the EU, USA and Australia. Superior product quality, strong commitment to our customers, and timely delivery has contributed to the success of our growth.

Our Sister Concerns/Units

Ornate Knit Garment Industries Ltd

Established 1990; Number of machines: 300 (Juki Brand Japan); Workers: 800; Production Capacity: 15,000 Pcs Per Day (Average); Production Item- Basic Tee, Polo, Top, Trouser for boys, girls, men and ladies. Main buyers -K-mart(Austrilia), Kappahl, LIDL, SBC, Benetton, Lotto, Ware House, CHICOO, Hasir Cilar etc.

Texcare Washing Plant

Established in 2007; Washing capacity 6,500-7,000 pcs/day; Number of Machines: 06 sets (2 Washers, 2 Dryers and 2 Hydro); Machine Brand: Dysin

Teximage Embroidery

Established in 2007; Machines: Tajima ( 20 and 15 head), Sun star (15 head), Rich Peace (15 Heads), Hashima Have own design and developing facility; Production Capacity: 8,000-10,000 pcs/day; Wokers: 50.

Teximage Ltd (Screen Print)

Established in 2005; Machine Brand : M & R (34,12 and 8 Head) and Mimaki; No of Machines: 17 sets; Fabric Relaxation Machine : 01; Workers: 250; Have own design, development and processing facility for making screens; Production Capacity: 1,00,000-1,25,000 Pcs Per Day; Production Item:  Reactive, Rubber, Hidensity, Flock, Glitter, Jelly, Photo and Transfer Print for Garment Buyer.

Textown limited

Established in 2004; Number of machines 1000 (Brand Japan); Workers 2500; Production Capacity 45,000-50,000 Pcs Per Day; Production Items: Basic Tee, Polo, Top, Trouser for boys, girls, men and ladies. 100% Cotton, Polyester, CVC, TC and Elasten with 2% to 10% Single Jersy, Rib, Interlock, Pique etc. Buyers- K-mart (Austrilia), Kappahl, LIDL, SBC, Benetton, Lotto, Ware House, CHICOO, HasirCilar etc.

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