Remuneration & Wellbeing Policy

Textown Group has adopted a very promising strategy about worker’s welfare and lifestyle development. From the very beginning we have established the salary/wage schemes announced by Bangladeshi Government. Minimum wage rates are declared by the Government on an industry basis following recommendations by the Wages Board, a specialist tripartite board established under Chapter IX of the Labor Act 2006. The seven-grade wage structure contains five pay categories for the workers.

We have implemented the minimum wages, other benefits and conditions of service as proclaimed by the government.

For the welfare and wellbeing of the labors/employees we have the following:

  • Vibrant Workers Participation Committee (WPC)
  • Earn Leave Encashment
  • Medical Center, Child Care Center, Maternity Benefits
  • Canteen facilities
  • Good hygiene and sanitation system
  • Modern fire detection & fire protection system.
  • Transport for material, workers, Staff and Officers’ Movement
  • Standard and spacious loading and unloading areas
  • PABX Communication in each and every floor
  • Annual picnic and festival events sharing
  • Financial assistance to the employees on compassionate ground
  • Financial assistance to local charitable and humanitarian organizations