The passion to meet client satisfaction through increased efficiency, product quality, achieving best-in-class technical solution and timely delivery with competitive price is steered by our commitment to always be a ‘value addition’ partner to our customers. Our commitment is to identify, manufacture and deliver products that would create a unique demand in the global market through an irreplaceable combination of technology and innovation.

Quality Objectives

  • Meet client satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement in work environment
  • Increase efficiency
  • Achieve best-in class technical solution

Quality Assurance

Product quality is ensured in every step of operation from sourcing to packing. Responsible auditors monitor the whole quality and inspection procedure and report directly to the TOP management. Constantly we carry out fabric inspection, in-line inspection and 90-degree needle/metal detection arrangement based on customer requirement. 3rd party inspection is also conducted by reputed inspection teams and foreign representatives selected by the buyers to ensure quality of our finished goods as per Buyers’ requirements. We have several quality circles to maintain quality. We work based on statistical quality control. Our production process is based on AQL 2.5 and whole production team maintains it. We are trying to introduce Total Quality Management (TQM). We inspect our fabric in 4 point system. We are running a bundle system to maintain quality and smooth production

Workplace Environment

Textown Group is a customer focused company and believes in long time relationship with its customers. We meet customer satisfaction not only through our quality products but also meeting all the compliance issues. We maintain a congenial workplace environment by ensuring good structural and technical facilities, workers’ welfare & development and health & safety. We strictly follow the financial and non- financial benefit schemes as adopted by Bangladesh Government.